What exactly can PartnerBox and its web interface do? How does it help affiliates who sign up for it? In a nutshell, it’s an affiliate dashboard / bulletin board / business intelligence (BI) that consolidates your affiliate promotion from all programs running on the AffilBox.com platform in 1 place. This is in the form of a hosted SAAS that is continuously developed.

Application Overview

Main Function

  • Connect program in 5 clicks.
  • Group data into blocks.
  • Custom naming of part programs.
  • Update statistics “on demand” (per click).
  • Group statistics into summary report.
  • Support multiple currencies in summary report.
  • Substitution of currency placeholders for unified reports.
  • Transition from interface to a specific partner program.
  • Ability to save the website to mobile as a simple PWA.
  • Alerts on exceeding the payout minimum for a specific program.

Video introduction of the main features

In the future

We will develop this application according to the feedback of the involved users/partners.

Possible directions for service development:

  • bulk payout requests,
  • bulk upload of invoices,
  • viewing campaigns you are involved in,
  • optional password form – changeable from administration,
  • and much more.

Presenting basic features in the form of a podcast